Getting Consumer Attention

How do you get your market's attention? Of course you'll need a good product or a competitive, quality service but, after that, it's all about attention mechanics. In advertising, if you can't get the consumer's attention, it's unlikely you'll be remembered.

Marketing research and surveys (Journal of Media and Cultural Studies and Journal of Marketing Research), have identified a need for creativity, storytelling and entertainment if advertisers expect to stand out among the vast number of messages coming at consumers today. According to SJInsights, daily ad exposure can be as high as 3000 to 20,000 marketing messages a day. And attention span studies tell us we have only a few seconds to capture and hold consumer attention.

With today's busy market a business has to find a dynamic, fun way to get its message delivered. And with the evolution of modern technology, which includes smart phones and tablets, new and exciting opportunities are created for savvy advertisers. For example, explains that a new wave is crashing ashore in mobile phone apps. Mobile phone apps have overtaken PC Internet Usage. Therefore, keeping up is critical for your business. (

Incorporating animation with storytelling in an Explainer video is a dynamic way of creating powerful content that can grab a place in the mind of consumers. Delivering something original and entertaining appeals to people within a broad range of demographic, income, age and lifestyle factors.

Done smartly, and with aplomb, Explainer and Whiteboard Animations can engage your audience and get your message noticed while promoting your company's brand, product or service. It's also a cost-effective marketing tool!

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