What is an Explainer or Whiteboard Video


Explainer and Whiteboard Animations are all the rage! Short, entertaining animations with motion graphics engage your audience. They're a fun, affordable way to get your message noticed while explaining/promoting your company's brand, product or service.


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Who can benefit?

Any business in the private sector or any goverment agency that needs to explain a product or service, or promote their brand can benefit.


In advertising, capturing your customers' attention paves the way to being remembered.  With Explainer Animations you dynamically stand out among thousands of static messages that compete for consumers' attention.


Your audience benefits, too, because the information about who you are and what you have to offer is delivered in a positive, fun way.  Studies show that viewers love a captivating, entertaining story.  Then, why not replace your tired, old, worn-out marketing formula with a new, exciting promotional tool called the Explainer Video?


Who else can benefit from Explainer and Whiteboard Animations?:

  • Small and midsize businesses targeting information for their staff and customers.

  • City, state and federal government agencies needing to explain to the public how to use a process or perform a task.

  • Candidate campaigns, political groups.

  • Think Tanks.

  • Educators, banks, newspapers, schools, churches, community centers.

  • Healthcare, alternative health practicioners.

  • And many more...


Can you offer examples on how to best use Explainers and Whiteboard Animations?

Sure! Let's say you have a startup business in your community and want to explain your product or services. You can design a 60 second Explainer Animation emphasizing what makes your product or service stand out. Compelling storytelling aces the competition.


Your Explainer Video Animation, for example, can serve as the basis for your marketing campaign generating more clicks and sales traffic to your website.


Your creative Explainer or Whiteboard Animation can also become part of your local T.V. ad.  Feature it on a T.V./computer screen inside your store, or play it on a Jumbotron at a convention or major event.  It can even replace a generic, vanilla, static ad on your local newspaper's website.  Use it as a video ad for a digital magazine.  Explainer Animations are engaging and terrific at political events, corporate meetings, staff meetings or fancy parties.  The possibilities are endless and these are only a few examples.


What are the cost options?

If you're on a tight budget, use assets from the already existing library of characters, and royalty free music. This is less time consuming to produce and therefore, more cost effective for you.  Or we can develop and customize props and assets for your needs.


What is the process?

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